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How do I mount my Camera?

Last Updated: Sep 22, 2015 11:12AM CEST
As soon as you have found the right position for the Gigaset Camera, you can either place it flexible in your home with the stand or mount it straight to the wall.

Stand assembly:
After you have registered Camera in your App, you can assemble the stand by attaching the movable arm to the back of the camera. With the big screw on the back of the stand you can adjust its exact orientation. Simply use a slot screwdriver or a big coin to align the right position.

Wall assembly:
Of course it is also possible to attach Camera stationary on a flat surface. You only have to consider following annotations.
We recommend you to determine the general placement of your Gigaset Camera to prevent that you have to screw several times; the exact alignment can also be done afterwards. According to the material of the surface you should inform yourself about proper dowels and screws, so that you are able to mount the Camera in your chosen place safely. Then you can simply mount the stand to your wall and connect it to your Camera.

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